Museum Bookstore has a new logo

The beady eyed amongst you will have already noticed some changes on our website and social media accounts. Today, we are excited that after months of freewheeling through the worldwide web without a logo, we can announce the introduction of our new logo. 

Our new logo

At the heart of the logo, we have used an elegant icon which we are using in our social media accounts as the profile image and on our website as the favicon. For font nerds, we are using Sharp Sans, which we selected for its confidence, warmth and clarity. (Sharp Sans is incidentally the font that Hillary Clinton chose as her campaign identity for her 2016 Presidential campaign).

Many thanks to the brilliant graphic designers, Cai & Kyn for their work on this.

We have also introduced some new carousel images to the top of the website which point to different sections of the site and which we hope will help you save time in your search. 

We hope you like our new look and that it helps you to find us and interact with us more easily across all our different accounts. 

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