Museumland News - our roundup of museum stories this month

In the first of a monthly-ish  feature, we share the museum stories that caught our eye. Many of the museum publications are targetted to museum employees and focus on policy and operational matters. While we believe that absolutely has its place,  we want to shine a light on the more unusual news items that demonstrate the ingenuity, passion, creativity and huge range of activity taking place in museums. This month, we look at who in Museumland has had a good month and who has had a July they would rather forget.


Good month for 

The creator of the Trump Blimp 

The British Museum, Museum of London and the BIshopsgate Institute are battling over the 20-foot inflatable “Trump Baby Blimp” that made its debut during President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom last week. The British Museum is in discussions with the blimp’s creators to feature it in an upcoming exhibition on dissent and protest. The Museum of London and the Bishopsgate Institute — which archive objects related to the history of protest — both want to house the blimp more permanently.

Trump Blimp

Lovers of the paranormal 

A new museum housing the collection of paranormal investigator, Steve Wesson has opened in Nottingham. Exhibits include a morgue fridge from Denbigh Insane Asylum in Wales, the Devil's Guitar - an ancient Iraqi instrument used to summon Satan and a doll made from bed bandages. 

The Haunted Museum is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2.30pm for those brave enough to go visit.

The Haunted Museum

Baghdad libraries

Visitors to the Aga Khan Museum are helping to rebuild a destroyed Iraqi library. Wafaa Bilal’s artwork, 168:01 at the Aga Khan Museum, invites people to help to rebuild a Baghdad library by donating books from a wish list compiled by the library of the School of Fine Arts to replace the 70,000 destroyed or looted in the Iraq War.


Bad month for

The Louvre social media team

The Louvre sparked outrage this month on Twitter (where else?).  Following France’s World Cup triumph, the Louvre congratulated the team and shared a picture of the Mona Lisa wearing the team's blue jersey - a move that sparked hundreds of angry comments.

Doctored image of Mona Lisa


An antique Disney bus

Earlier this month, two 10-year-old boys visiting the Volvo Auto Museum accidentally crashed an antique Disney bus. The red double-decker was parked in a restricted area outside the museum, where it was undergoing maintenance when the kids got into it and shifted it out of gear, which caused it to roll down a gentle slope and into a tree. The children were luckily uninjured, but the bus suffered damage to its brass radiator, frame and steering wheel. Good luck with the repairs, guys!

Volo Auto Museum


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