Summer reads for museum lovers

It's summer time and that means two things - more reading and more ice cream. The long lazy days and light evenings provide the perfect opportunity to settle down with a book to discover new ideas and indulge your enthusiasms. 

99 ice cream cone - Museum Bookstore's holiday reading suggestions

Below are our recommended reads for summer 2017. These include a collection of moving and lyrical essays by writers about their favourite museums, a hieroglyph edition of Peter Rabbit and a lively book of a woman once described as 'magnificent, minute and monosyllabic, with the force of an Egyptian ruler'.

1) For those looking to master a new skill

Why not use the summer to learn Egyptian hieroglyphics with these two books from the British Museum? This  how to guide and hieroglyphic edition of Peter Rabbit are perfect for aspiring Egyptologists, those learning Hieroglyphic script and anyone who is curious to know what the Egyptian hieroglyph is for Cotton-tail.

 How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs

 How to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs

The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Hieroglyph edition)

 Tale of Peter Rabbit (hieroglyph edition)

2) For those who want to indulge in some deckchair cultural travel

Visit some of the world's great museums in the company of twenty writers. Join Andrew Motion as he muses on writerly methods in the British Library;  Matthew Sweet in the ABBA museum and Aminatta Forna ponders love tokens in The Museum of Broken Relationships. 

Treasure Palaces: Great Writers visit Great Museums 

Treasure Palaces: Great Writers Visit Great Museums

3) For those looking for a bit of glamour this summer 

Ocean Liners: Glamour, Speed and Style

Enjoy the allure and romance of the ocean liner experience with this beautifully illustrated book covering the design and engineering of the ships, the fashions of the guests onboard and the influence of ocean liners on art and architecture.

The Age of Glamour : An Art Deco Colouring Book

Explore the work of key designers of the Art Deco period including Georges Barbier and Robert Bonfils with this book of full colour reproductions of the original designs and more than forty line drawings for readers to complete.

The Age of Glamour Colouring book

4) For those looking for a holiday companion to keep them on their toes 

Helena Rubinstein: Beauty is Power

This book is a compelling and wry account of beauty entrepreneur, Helena Rubenstein, who was once described as 'magnificent, minute and monosyllabic, with the force of an Egyptian ruler'. This immensely enjoyable book traces her journey from Polish emigrant to American business magnate and art collector. 

 Helena Rubenstein

Happy reading!

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