Hélio Oiticica: The Great Labyrinth - the exhibition catalogue from MMK Museum available to buy at Museum Bookstore

Hélio Oiticica: The Great Labyrinth

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'Following in the footsteps of Joseph Beuys and Andy Warhol, artist Oiticica helped further democratize the concept of art by actively involving viewers in his presentations of multimedia works. This book compiles photos of Oiticica's colorful, accessible work with his own writings on the subject' - Public Art Review

A richly illustrated and accessible book all about the Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica

Hélio Oiticica (1937-1980) altered the Brazilian art scene, and his works broke with accepted conventions. His oeuvre was of great importance to the breakthrough of Tropicalia, the cultural movement that protested the repressions of the military regime. Throughout his career, Oiticica was filled with a constant urge for renewal and experiment. 

Coming from painting, he developed into one of the protagonists of a new concept of art: he actively involved the viewer in the presentations of his multimedia works, while the works--colourful, accessible, tangible, or wearable like a piece of clothing--filled the space.

This companion book to the Museum fur Moderne Kunst's 2013 retrospective provides a thorough survey of Oiticica's career and includes his writings and records together with beautiful reproductions of his work.

  • Author: MMK Museum
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • Date published: October 2013
  • Language: English/German Bilingual
  • ISBN: 978-3775737296
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 19.7 x 1.9 cm

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