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Lucian Freud

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'Stunning... Sure to delight those in search of a full picture of the artist's output' - Artists and Illustrators

A sumptuous, two-volume, slipcased publication celebrating Freud's work from the 1930s to his death in 2011- the most comprehensive publication on the artist to date

Created in collaboration with the Lucian Freud Archive and David Dawson, Director of the Archive, and edited by Mark Holborn, this sumptuous, two-volume, slipcased publication celebrates Freud's work from the 1930s to his death in 2011, and includes hundreds of paintings, drawings and sketches, and etchings - even illustrated private letters.

Nearly all the artworks included have been newly photographed by celebrated British photographer John Riddy. This is both a vital contribution to art scholarship and a gorgeous addition to the bookshelves of art lovers around the world.

  • Author: Martin Gayford, senior research fellow in the history of art at the University of Buckingham
  • Hardcover: 616 pages | 480 illustrations
  • Date published: August 2018
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0714875262
  • Product Dimensions: 46.8 x 35.1 cm

'An elegant two-volume, slip-cased monograph that celebrates artist Lucian Freud's many-decade-spanning career' - Publishers Weekly

'Stunning... Sure to delight those in search of a full picture of the artist's output' - Artists & Illustrators

'There should still be room on any coffee table for a handsome new picture book or two-and a double-volume set on Lucian Freud reproduces many rarely seen early works. Thoughtfully selected by the artist David Dawson, one- time model and assistant to Freud, and narrated by Martin Gayford, it will undoubtedly prove... popular' - Vanity Fair

'There is a precision and grandeur about this new monograph [...] that is all of a piece with Freud's modus operandi. Like everything that the painter had around him, it is beautifully made: a luxury item, cloth-bound in two ledger-sized volumes with superb colour reproductions... These two volumes - which contain a mixture of old and new material - reset the balance between Freud's strategy of control and our prurient desire to understand (and judge) for ourselves the process of how he "got" these pictures. They provide a comprehensive overview of how Freud worked, linking the drawings and etchings that were made around and after particular portraits... Gayford draws on his own back catalogue and the established sources [...] to weave a fluent text that is footnote-free and cautiously expansive... Freud's death leaves Gayford freer to explore his subject's psychology... Freud steps forward into sharper focus than we have seen before. We see more of the methodology by which he achieved a genius-reputation approaching that of his famous grandfather, creating a new genre of self-projecting portraiture while keeping his secrets close' - Times Literary Supplement 

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