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Derek Jarman's Sketchbooks

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'A book of books: it folds the artist and writer's life into one chronological stream, packaging his previously unpublished manuscripts into a beautifully curated compendium' - TLS

A beautiful facsimile of the artist, Derek Jarman's sketchbooks

There are few more complete examples of an artist's record of their own life than the intimately detailed and beautifully produced handmade books that Derek Jarman created throughout his career. Seen together they reveal the story of how he gathered, shaped and made concrete his ideas. Containing poetry, drawings, pressed flowers, photographs, excerpts from scripts and notes, the sketchbooks are part autobiography and part social history, layered and bursting with the energy and creativity not only of this groundbreaking film-maker and artist, but also of London in the 1970s and 80s.

Wholly private during his lifetime, these precious books are an intimate pictorial record of the relationship between Jarman's personal and professional life, revealing the detailed planning and research, and creative and emotional engagement, behind each of his films.

  • Authors: Stephen Farthing and Ed Webb-Ingall
  • Hardcover: 256 pages | 187 colour and 9 black and white illustrations
  • Date published: September 2013
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-0500516942
  • Product Dimensions: 26.6 x 21.3 cm

'Annotated scripts for all of his films are included, resulting in a remarkable, once-private archive that fans will savour' - The Bookseller

'The book will delight Jarman's still-growing faithful, for whom he remains a unique and irreplaceable artist and provocateur.' - The Observer

'This 250-page posthumous collection, put together by Stephen Farthing and Ed Webb-Ingall, offers an insight into his creative process, combining his memos, drawings, poems, collages and scripts' - Shortlist

'The late, great art-house doyen Derek Jarman's sketchbooks are artworks in themselves: enchanting tapestries woven from annotated scripts, scribbled camera moves, impossibly neat handwritten notes and poems and scrapbook samples from his life and work' - Empire

'Derek Jarman's Sketchbooks distils the many strands that made up Jarman's work - humour, torrential creativity, romanticism and the palpable political anger that burned fiercely during the dog days of Thatcherism'  - Dazed & Confused

'A skilfully curated compendium, in which newspaper cuttings, lines from screenplays, production notes and pressed flowers are juxtaposed with a playfulness that evokes the energy of Jarman's best work' - New Statesman

'A precious relic of an era that was 'pre-laptop, pre-Photoshop', when creativity was manual, not digital; it is also an entrancing vindication of the book as an object of art' The Observer

'A book of books: it folds the artist and writer's life into one chronological stream, packaging his previously unpublished manuscripts into a beautifully curated compendium ... an important contribution to the literature on Jarman's life and work ... Derek Jarman's Sketchbooks is as multi-textured as the polymath maker it commemorates'  - The Times Literary Supplement

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