Hélio Oiticica : To Organize Delirium - the exhibition catalogue from Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh/ Art Institute of Chicago available to buy at Museum Bookstore

Hélio Oiticica : To Organize Delirium

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'the most complete survey yet staged of this artist’s rebellious, peripatetic, yet profoundly unified achievement' - The New York Times

Hélio Oiticica : To Organize Delirium

This beautiful book is the most comprehensive study to date of Hélio Oiticica, one of the world's foremost practitioners of neo-concretism, who is internationally recognised for his innovative and participatory work. Ranging from beautifully balanced geometric paintings to immersive, interactive environments, Oiticica’s work is visually arresting, wholly original, and seeks to build a participatory relationship with audiences.

Accompanying the first full US retrospective of the Brazilian artist in over two decades, and the first ever to travel the country, this heavily illustrated volume captures the excitement and complexity of Oiticica's paintings, sculptures, and installations.

Insightful essays by US and Latin American writers cover the entirety of his career, with special emphasis on his little-known New York period between 1971 and 1978. Thoroughly exploring Oiticica's most acclaimed works, such as the Parangoles and his groundbreaking installation Tropicalia, this book also examines his involvement with music, literature, and his response to politics and the social environment in Brazil. From his immersion in 1960s counterculture to his life and work in New York City and final return to Rio de Janeiro, this catalogue charts the development of an utterly original talent.

  • Author: Donna Del Salvo
  • Hardcover: 320 pages
  • Date published: September 2016
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-3791355221