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Picasso 1932 : Love, Fame, Tragedy

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'truly great' - Victoria Sadler

Picasso 1932

1932 was an extraordinary year for Picasso, even by his own standards. His paintings reached a new level of sensuality and he cemented his status as the most influential artist of the time. Over the course of this year, he created some of his best-loved works, from colour-saturated portraits to surrealist drawings, developing ideas from the voluptuous sculptures he had made at his newly acquired country estate.

In his personal life, throughout 1932, Picasso kept a delicate balance between tending to his wife Olga Khokhlova and their son Paulo, and his passionate love affair with Marie-Therese Walter, twenty-eight years his junior. This publication brings these complex artistic and personal dynamics to life. It was also a year of invention and reflection.

Having recently turned fifty, Picasso embarked on the first volume of what remains the most ambitious catalogue of an artist's work ever made. Meanwhile, the first-ever retrospective of his work was staged, a show that featured new paintings alongside earlier works in a range of different styles. 

The year ended traumatically when Marie-Therese fell seriously ill after swimming, losing most of her iconic blond hair. In his final works of the year, Picasso transformed the event into scenes of rescue and rape, a dramatic finale to a year of love, fame and tragedy that pushed Picasso to the height of his creative powers. This lavishly illustrated publication explores the major themes and concerns of 1932, in essays, artworks and archive photographs.

  • Author: Achim Borchardt-Hume
  • Pages: 272 pages | 280 colour illustrations
  • Date published: March 2018
  • Language: English
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               978-1849765756 - hardcover
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