Museo Picasso Málaga The Mechanical Art : Andy Warhol exhibition catalogue

The Mechanical Art : Andy Warhol

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Andy Warhol is one of the best-known artists of the 20th century. This volume, which accompanies the exhibition of the same name in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga, highlights how Andy Warhol captured the cult of merchandise from industrial inventions of the 19th century. Always attentive to technical and industrial breakthroughs, Warhol used all types of techniques and machinery, from silk-screen printing to video recorders, with production patterns that he himself defined as 'pertaining to an assembly line.'

This catalogue brings together a selection of over 250 works by Andy Warhol including paintings, sculptures, drawings, silkscreen works, installations, record covers, posters and magazines. It also includes a series of essays written on his work and a selection of portraits of the artist, by photographers Alberto Schommer, Richard Avedon and Robert Mapplethorpe.

  • Paperback: 256 pages | 250 images
  • Date published: December 2017
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-8417048365
  • Product Dimensions: 32.2 x 27.4 cm