Find films of exhibitions at Museum Bookstore

We're excited to be expanding our range to include films of the latest blockbuster exhibitions and audio CDs of museum books.  Alongside the hundreds of exhibition catalogues, we also now carry high quality exhibition-based art films, offering museum lovers an opportunity to see exhibitions that they couldn't get tickets for or that were being held far afield. These films feature guided tour of exhibitions together with expert analysis, details of the biography of the artist and glimpses of what happens behind the scenes.  Enjoy great exhibitions on artists including Bosch, Rembrandt and Goya in the comfort of your own home with our range of DVDs. Find...

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Book Review: The Somme - A Visual History

History buff, Alec Stephen reviews The Somme - A Visual History and finds the book with its rich illustrations and moving first person accounts gives him a vivid idea of what the battle was really like.

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Book Review: Max Beckmann in New York

'A richly detailed catalogue offers crucial augmentation to both the paintings and the circumstances of their making'

Art historian, Jean Marie Carey reviews Max Beckmann in New York, the exhibition catalogue accompanying the recent Metropolitan Museum of Art's show.

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Book Review: Robert Rauschenberg

'Just as Rauschenberg’s own output was immense, so too is the exhibition catalogue. Through exploring the various confluences and tributaries that exist within his work, here we see Rauschenberg’s breadth outside of the oft quoted snippets of his oeuvre. This isn’t a casual overview or rehash of the exhibition on the page – Robert Rauschenberg provides a thoroughly enriched understanding of the artist’s productive creativity.' Museum Bookstore friend and Art Editor of The Courtauldian, Tom Powell has written a great review of Robert Rauschenberg - the exhibition catalogue for the Tate's current show. Read Tom's review here.

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Book Review: Emma Hamilton Seduction and Celebrity

Former history teacher and one of the most learned people I know, Alec Stephen finds this account of the ambitious and beguiling Emma Hamilton a fascinating read.

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