Five new art and design books for your library

Spring sees a rich selection of new art books appearing on bookshelves. In the spirit of keeping you up to date on the newest releases, we highlight some of our favourites from the latest arrivals.   1) Never Built New York by Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin Never Built New York is a fun and informative book, which explores the future that never was with its collection of architectural proposals for New York that didn’t see the light of day. Packed with charcoal sketches, architectural models and computer generated images of failed schemes from the past 200 years, the book explores the New...

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MoMA's first ever exhibition catalogue

In our latest blogpost we look at MoMA's first ever exhibition catalogue that accompanied their 1929 show of Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat and Van Gogh.

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Book Review: Lost Futures

'A haunting glimpse of the future that never quite happened'

The Courtauldian has reviewed Lost Futures - the exhibition catalogue for the Royal Academy's Futures Found: The Real and Imagined Cityscapes of Post-war Britain.

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How to open a new book properly

In our rush to dive into a new book, it's easy to break the spine of the book by opening your book down the centre.  If you want to ensure that your new hardcover exhibition catalogue remains in good condition, here's a quick technique that will help to extend the life of your book. 1)  set the book down on a table in front of you. With the book still closed,  stand it up so that the spine is on the desk. 2) let the front cover down 3) let the back cover down 4) take about ten pages from the front of the book...

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The story of The Monstrous Pig of Landser and the King's Camelopard

In our latest blogpost we consider the story of The Monstrous Pig of Landser and the King's Camelopard.

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