Creative ways to gift wrap a book

Art books and coffee table books make the most beautiful presents - they inform, delight and often are works of art in their own right. While easy to wrap, heavy square and rectangle packages are easily identified as books which can steal the element of surpriseIn this blog post, we look at different and wonderfully creative ways to wrap a book stylishly and make your book-shaped present even more memorable.

1. Pleats please

2. Show the title

3. A shirt style wrap for those of you seeking to keep your loved one guessing just a little bit longer

4. Literary wrapping

If all this looks a bit complicated, you can always start small by using bookish wrapping paper or gift bows. The Literary Gift Company has a wide selection of options for wrapping paper, from bookshelves to black and white piles of books, to a fun print that reads “It Might Be a Book!”. Or take a look at these gift bows which have been made from old books and available on Etsy. Afterall, every journey starts with a single step.