How to open a new book properly

In our rush to dive into a new book, it's easy to break the spine of the book by opening your book down the centre. 

If you want to ensure that your new hardcover exhibition catalogue remains in good condition, here's a quick technique that will help to extend the life of your book.

1)  set the book down on a table in front of you. With the book still closed,  stand it up so that the spine is on the desk.

2) let the front cover down

3) let the back cover down

4) take about ten pages from the front of the book and flatten them down onto the table. Run your hand along the inside of the book to flatten them down.

5) take the last ten or so pages from the back of the book and do the same.

6) keep alternating between opening a few pages from the front and the back until you get to the centre of the book.

7) Repeat this a couple of times and you're good to go.