Book Review: Young Frank Architect

I know what you're thinking, I am a bit past the recommended reading age for this beautiful children's book about passion and artistic vision, and you are right.

However, one of the very many joys of being a bookseller is that I get to leaf through children's picture books and what's more I can call it research.

Young Frank Architect is a charming children's book and a reminder of the importance of letting your imagination soar.  And that's a great lesson, whatever your age.

Young Frank is an aspiring architect who sports a bow tie and black round Le Corbusier style glasses. He sees creative possibilities everywhere and uses anything he can get his hands on—macaroni, old boxes, spoons, books and sometimes even his spotted dog, Eddie—in his creations.

Young Frank Architect

However, his grandfather, Old Frank, who is an architect, is somewhat bewildered by Young Frank's architectural creations. He decides to take his grandson to MoMA 'to see the work of some REAL architects.’ As they tour the displays, it surprises both Young Frank and Old Frank to see the unusual shapes and designs created by the Famous Franks (Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry), and others like Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand.

Young Frank Architect visits MoMA

Inspired by their visit, they decide to work together on creating all sorts of inventive buildings with household items, including a library made of chocolate chip cookies. Young Frank feels older, like a REAL architect, and his grandfather feels enthused to try new things in his architectural practice. 

Young Frank Architect spread

Young Frank Architect is a charming picture book for children and the perfect present for children who spend supper time making palm trees out of bananas and piling their vegetables into wobbly tower blocks. What's more, it is a gentle reminder of the joy of shared experiences and a call to let our imaginations soar, no matter how young, or old, we may be. 

Young Frank Architect is by Frank Viva and published by MoMA. It is available to buy at Museum Bookstore for £10.99