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Among Others : Blackness at MoMA

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'Exemplary for its combination of new research, interpretive analysis and quantities of information' - New York Times

A collection catalogue telling the story of the MoMA's relationship with race in general and black artists and their work 

Among Others: Blackness at MoMA begins with an essay that provides a rigorous and in-depth analysis of MoMA’s history regarding racial issues. 

Of particular note is the essay by Mabel O. Wilson, the designer and professor of architecture at Columbia University, which zeros in on the lost potential, especially in urban design and therefore social justice, caused by the unusual whiteness — even by MoMA’s standards — of its architecture and design holdings. There follows in alphabetical order and running to some 350 pages, all the black artists who have works in the museum’s collection, accompanied by photographs of their art and commentary by one of about 130 curators, art historians or artists. Works by artists who touch on racial difference or injustice, like Brancusi, José Clemente Orozco and Alice Neel, are also included.

As a collection book, the volume provides scholars and curators with information about the Museum’s holdings, at times disclosing works that have been little documented or exhibited. The numerous and high-quality illustrations will appeal to anyone interested in art made by black artists, or in modern art in general.

One of the New York Times Best Art Books of 2019.

  • Author: Darby English
  • Hardcover: 488 pages
  • Date published: July 2019
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1633450349
  • Product Dimensions: 27.9 x 24.0 cm

'Exemplary for its combination of new research, interpretive analysis and quantities of information' - New York Times

'As museums across the world reevaluate their histories while acknowledging past instances of racism and sexism, Among Others, an anthology about the Museum of Modern Art’s maligned ways of dealing with blackness over the decades, serves as a critical tome. It takes to task the very premise that the institution is built on—that Europeans and Americans are somehow exceptional while everything else is secondary. As its editors write, “In what conception of ‘importance’ do only white men—and the odd woman or black person—get to be MoMA-great?”' -

'The Museum of Modern Art is among the first to admit that its uneven relationship with Black artists, and Among Others is a reflection, and an investigation, confronting that truth through essays and some of the best artwork ever produced' - Insider

'A phone book-sized tome that serves as a frank examination of that institution's legacy in displaying, acquiring and otherwise engaging work by Black artists [...] On its own, "Among Others" won't fix MoMA's structural issues. But it's a beginning. Hopefully it inspires similar accounts at other museums' - Los Angeles Times

'Among Others is a three-part publication that analyzes the museum's tumultuous historical relationship with Black artists and Black audiences, its role in shaping the cultural politics of race, and the shortcomings of its collection, programs, and practice [...] I recommend this publication for scholars interested in the genealogy and variants of primitivism, for academics teaching museum studies courses, and for creative professionals curious about collection research and critical historiographies. Above all, Among Others will be indispensable to culture workers of organizations of all sizes who are taking a hard look at their institutional history and seeking to make structural and sustainable change' - .CAA (College Art Association)

'Published by the Museum of Modern Art, this 484-page book seeks to reexamine the history of its collection by highlighting the role of black artists, the black community, and art about blackness [...] The book is a part of the museum's overall efforts to present the trajectory of art history with a more global view and the long overdue acknowledgement of African American cultural contributions' - Galerie

'"Among Others: Blackness at MoMA" considers the institution's complex history with black artists, black audiences, and art about blackness'- Culture Type

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