Harry Potter - A History of Magic :The Book of the Exhibition

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'a treasure trove for fans of Hogwarts' - Guardian

A coffee table book exploring the history of magic in our world and in Harry Potter

Harry Potter: A History of Magic accompanies the recent exhibition at the British Library.  The book gives an overview of the history of magic in our world, where it overlaps with Rowling's creation, the impacts it had on every-day life and why it has fascinated so many people around the world for so long.

This handsome book is clearly laid out and easily accessible, with beautifully reproduced illustrations on every page. The publication cleverly weaves together Harry Potter and a more general history of magic in its structure and format. Each chapter represents one of Harry’s classes at Hogwarts and every photo has a short caption describing the item, and whenever it applied, its links to the Harry Potter universe.

Particular highlights include Rowling's early annotated manuscripts and sketches of her characters (including Nearly Headless Nick and the squib Argus Filch together with Jim Kay’s exquisite illustrations of the Potter characters.

Harry Potter - a History of Magic is an excellent companion book to the Harry Potter series, full of information of how JK Rowling got the inspiration to create the magical world of Harry Potter. It is a must-read for Harry Potter fans and readers around the world who missed out on the chance to see the exhibition in person.

  • Pages: 256 pages
  • Date published: October 2017
  • Language: English
    ISBN: 978-1408890769 - hardcover
               978-1526607072 - paperback
  • Product Dimensions:  26.7 x 22.6 cm

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