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Naturally Brilliant Colour

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The first book to reveal artworks made using the world's brightest colour - Pure Structural Colour

Structural Colour, recently derived from the metallic-like colours of Pollia berries, hummingbirds and butterflies. Pure Structural Colour is a mimic of the type of structural colour that has evolved many times, independently, in nature to appear the brightest type of colour to the eye, and has co-evolved with the visual systems of animals to result in the ultimate form of colouration.

In this book scientist and artist Andrew Parker reveals for the first time his artworks created using Pure Structural Colour, and describes how this colour evolved simultaneously with the eye itself – a narrative which is followed throughout the artworks in their patterns and visual effects.

The book accompanies the global unveiling of Pure Structural Colour and the exhibition Naturally Brilliant Colour showing at Kew Gardens,

  • Author: Andrew Parker
  • Paperback: 112 pages 
  • Date published: October 2021
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 978-1842467336
  • Product Dimensions: 28.0 x 24.1 cm

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