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The Tudors : Passion, Power and Politics

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 A comprehensive history of the Tudor period including the international impact of the Tudors and their legacies, featuring new research and a range of specialist contributors

The introductory text considers the legacies of the Tudors, as the monarchs who reigned during the tumultuous years of the Reformation and the emergence of the transatlantic slave trade and English colonialism.

Taking a thematic and biographical approach, the book features some of the most famous royal and court figures from the sixteenth century, from Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell, to Elizabeth I and Walter Ralegh. The works shown will be explored from a multitude of perspectives, looking at the sitters' impact at home and abroad in Europe and the Americas. The international impact of the Tudors will be very evident the portraits featured, the artists of which came from Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy.

Artworks will be arranged by the key themes of: court culture, religion, queenship, conflict, empire, piracy and trade, and translation. Each theme will feature an opening text from a range of voices exploring the historical contexts of the works and new research on the topics. It will include biographical sketches of individuals whose role in Tudor history has often been overlooked, such as the trumpeter John Blanke.

  • Author: Charlotte Bolland
  • Hardcover: 168 pages | 80 illustrations
  • Date published: January 2022
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781855145986
  • Dimensions: 282.6 x 17.8 cm

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