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Zadok Ben-David : Human Nature

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'With a foreword by Richard Cork and essays by Felicity Fenner, Yael Guilat, John McDonald and Fumio Nanjo. From ‘Evolution and Theory’ (1995), to the psychological installation ‘Blackfield’ (2007), with thousands of flowers, there’s plenty to fascinate fans in this beautiful book' - Country & Town House 

The first comprehensive monograph of Zadok Ben-David’s work, spanning 20 years and including four major installations

Zadok Ben-David's inspiration derives from nature, science, magic and illusion. From Evolution and Theory (1995), where he explores scientific discoveries, to the psychological installation Blackfield (2007), with thousands of flowers, and the magical The Other Side of Midnight (2013), which incorporates hundreds of insects, one of the characteristics of Ben-David's work is the use of multiplicity as an organizing principle. He creates an alternate amplified viewing space where the relationship between viewer (human) and artwork (nature) is both sacred and destabilizing.

The new ongoing installation People I Saw but Never Met, features thousands of miniatures of people that he has photographed and drawn during his travels, suggesting ways in which we are both isolated yet always close together. Together with outdoor works, completed over a twenty-year period, this new book brings these four installations together for the first time, in all their magical detail.

  • Author: Felicity Fenner
  • Hardcover: 320 pages | 200 colour illustrations
  • Date published: November 2017
  • Language: English
  • Delivery: Allow 1-2 weeks
  • ISBN: 978-1911422099
  • Product Dimensions: 32.5 x 30.2 cm

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